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Our attorneys take special care to listen to our client’s concerns and objectives.

After the death of a loved one, you may be responsible for the administration of an estate. If you were named the personal representative or executor, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights as well as your personal obligations in managing an estate.  Rohde Law Group is committed to helping individuals and families manage the details of estate administration while protecting their personal interests and preventing liability.

Rohde Law Group – committed to managing details of estate administration; protecting families and their personal interests and preventing liability.

Our firm represents executors, personal representatives and administrators  throughout New Jersey, in connection with the estate of a family member or loved one. We also represent beneficiaries and other parties involved in complex administrations. Should matters become contentious, our depth of experience and knowledge of both probate and tax laws enables us to assist in settling the matter in a way that benefits our clients rather than incurring the time and expense of protracted litigation.

Providing Answers and Guidance during Initial Consultation

The Rohde Law Group’s legal team regularly assists with estate administrations throughout the state of New Jersey. We take a simple and informed approach to handling your case. Each representation begins with a consultation, an in-depth review of every step of the administration process.

Our attorneys take special care to listen to our client’s concerns and objectives. You leave your consultation with a clear roadmap of the steps that need to be taken, time required, and costs involved whether you take on some of these responsibilities yourself or you engage our administrative services to assist you.

Should you choose to engage our Administrative assistance, services may include:

  • Probate of the Will or application for Letters of Administration
  • Securing an administration Bond
  • Obtaining a tax ID number
  • Inventory of assets, debts and liabilities
  • Negotiation with creditors
  • Distribution and marshalling of assets
  • Preparation of Federal and NJ estate Tax Returns
  • Preparation of NJ Inheritance Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Estate Accountings
  • Settling Estate Disputes
  • Defending an executor in an action for removal
  • Representing beneficiaries in applications to remove executor
  • Will Contests and probate litigation

Our vast experience specializing in Estate & Trust Administration has enabled the Rohde Law Group to develop extremely efficient processes in completing the estate administrations – saving the beneficiaries of the estate more of the funds they are to receive.

Will Contests, Disputes and Litigation

The Rohde Law Group can defend the will and estate against questionable claims, or we can represent beneficiaries or excluded heirs who oppose the will on the basis of undue influence, fraud, misappropriated assets, or testamentary incapacity.  When these disputes cannot be resolved out of court, we are prepared to go to trial to invalidate or uphold the will.

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