Our Process

Our Attorneys take the time to listen and understand your family’s needs.

Rohde Law Group, LLC is an Estate Planning and Elder Law firm dedicated to providing our clients with personal attention, compassionate counseling, and the highest quality legal services.  We realize that visiting a law firm can be an intimidating experience but at our office you will be welcomed by friendly staff members, who are eager to help.

Understanding that addressing legal issues can be an overwhelming task, at Rohde Law Group, we will listen carefully to all your concerns, explain the issues in straightforward, plain English and help you understand your options.

Consultation, Understanding Client Needs

From our very first meeting, our Attorneys take the time to listen and understand your family’s needs. While we have been involved in Estate and Elder Law matters for decades, we understand this could be your first time.

The emotional burden of caring for an ailing loved one, fear of the worst, and the uncertainty of knowing what to do can be very stressful for families.  So knowing that each family’s issues are unique, we take the time to listen, not only to your legal or financial concerns, but also to the issues surrounding these concerns. At the end of our initial consultation, you will leave with some concrete advice and thoughts on how you can proceed – whether you choose to engage our services further or not.

Planning Phase, Empowering our Clients

Once you have engaged Rohde Law Group’s services, we will take the opportunity to expand upon all aspects that impact your estate.  From income tax, to estate and inheritance tax, to protecting assets in the event of long-term care, we will make sure that you understand all of the issues.  By educating you, our client, on the issues, we empower you to make informed decisions.  Furthermore, when your estate planning documents are complete, you will leave knowing how those documents help you to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

Administrative Phase, Executing Client Wishes

Whether it is handling the estate of a loved one, or filing an application for Medicaid, each of us at Rohde Law Group take pride in thoroughly educating our clients.  By educating you on the process of administering an estate or filing a Medicaid application, we provide an opportunity for you to participate to the extent you are comfortable, and the ability to better understand what you want us to handle on your behalf.  This approach enables us to handle your matter more efficiently, saving us time, and saving you money.

For those clients who want a lawyer to handle all aspects of their matter, our almost 20 years of experience and expertise in both the administration and tax issues enable us to complete their matter from start to finish.  We will take the responsibility and worry off you and provide you with the comfort of knowing that this difficult and emotional time will soon be behind you.

At Rohde Law Group, we strive to exceed your expectations, earn your confidence in our ability to counsel you, and become your trusted advisors.